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To be hired by an organisation can be a sensitive issue for many employers. The appointed manager must ensure the person putting themselves forward for the job is reliable and can do their duties for a long time. However, newly hired, fresh employees should be looked at beyond their CV or interview performance to ensure they are efficient workers fit for the company. One of the most effective ways to understand a person’s exterior is to better understand the complexities of their interior. One of the ways suggested in this article is through a drug and alcohol test.

Pre-employment screening for alcohol or substance abuse is growing increasingly popular as an indicator of candidate suitability. For many companies in 2022 it forms a crucial part of the recruitment process for many organisations assisting not only the safety of the workforce but the entire business culture and environment. Drug and alcohol tests at work can be done before and after hiring the employer and can be done at home. 

When and Why Do Companies Need Screening Reports for Drugs and Alcohol?

Screening reports for substance abuse are simple to implement and ensures that the right employee is hired for the organisation. These tests reveal information that could eliminate future issues such as decreases of productivity or absenteeism therefore retaining company integrity and boosting repute while consequently acting as a practical deterrent. Any drug abuser would think twice before joining a company who conduct tests during employment. This is especially relevant if random drug tests are done therefore creating an environment of expectation for the staff and nurturing a culture of zero drug tolerance.

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Indeed, many complications compel the company to check whether the employer is not involved in drug misuse. For example, transportation firms check the alcohol presence of a person who is willing to get a driver’s job.

A person who is not in his senses while driving is a threat on the road. Hence, verification is necessary to ensure safety in the present and the future.

Not only transportation companies, hospitals, banks, schools, and construction companies have also adopted the same policy.

The following are some reasons which will be defined when a company needs a drug and alcohol test

Avoiding Conflict in the Company:

With post-incident drug and alcohol testing the company can determine whether a conflict was formed because of the use of alcohol or drugs. If a conflict occurs and staff well being is in danger the involved parties can be screened to determine if substance was involved. This also has a cumulative effect of safeguarding the rights of the employees or employers in disproving or proving that substances were involved in the situation.

Often if an individual is employed but addicted to drugs there is a probability of conflict occurring if the individual desires a dose but lacks it. Through having withdrawal symptoms, the individual might not only affect himself but negatively impact the well being of others.

Complains Against the Employers

Company management can request anyone for screening at any appointed time or after receiving complaints.

If the employer is using any medication under the prescription of the doctor, then they should discuss it with the company’s owner to avoid any misunderstanding based on the test.

Otherwise, the employer may get suspended or reprimanded if the report comes positive. Therefore, it’s better to gain the vote of confidence of the executive when they announce a workplace drug testing campaign.

Legal Complications

There are strict laws and regulations for hiring employers in different countries. It  is of no relevance whether the employee has applied for a government or private sector job; a drug and alcohol tests can take place and remains an effective type of employee screening that should be passed to get the job or retain the current position.

The consequences of ignoring official legislation could be a fine or suspension on the company.

Collaboration with Other Companies

Joint ventures are often part of business. A company has to collaborate with other companies on different projects. Therefore, for the sake of the company’s reputation in the market, the owner decides to screen the staff.

Final Comments

Pre and post-employment drug tests keep the honour and cultural integrity of the company intact. However, if any individual of the company comes positive as a result of a drug and alcohol test, the company needs to consider their treatment rather than mere suspension or letting a valuable employee go in consideration for the companies integrity, repute, and company culture.