Blogging is a job or hobby which requires large amounts of time investment as well as good writing skills and creativity. Having all of these skills combined sets you up for becoming a highly skilled blogger with a range of skills, expertise and experience that makes you ideal for the role that you are pursuing.

Advertisements And Income

Ads by Google, Yahoo, and MSN have been a way of life for years for bloggers. Ad revenue is important to all bloggers because without them there would be no blogging revolution. It is estimated that blogs make up around 90% of all the content published on the internet. So, if you want to make money online you must blog and AdSense is the way to do it. But, the question remains, “How important are advertisements to bloggers?”

Many times in the past I have looked at websites and wondered why they had ads. The reason was usually that there was very little content and the blogger just wanted to get their name out there. This could be true and even be a good way to generate revenue, but the blogger would quickly find out that their income would come to a halt if there wasn’t a constant stream of content. If the reader loved what they read then they would most likely keep coming back for more. This would keep the blog alive and increase the chance of making more money.

Nowadays the Internet is filled with sites where you can put up your ads and try to sell them to people who visit your site. These sites have been created for the sole purpose of generating more revenue. These sites are easy to create and maintain so you don’t have to worry about creating quality content. All you have to do is choose the topics that you want to write about and start producing articles, videos, or podcasts related to these topics.

Generating Revenue Through Ads

As mentioned before Google is the most important Ad revenue generator for most bloggers. They have found that their algorithms are helping them to give content high rankings and that also means they will get more clicks. When you have more clicks you will have more revenue. This may sound like the perfect scenario, but as with everything on the Internet things are not always what they seem. Many bloggers who use Google AdSense as their main source of income to run into trouble when Google changes their algorithm.

What these changes mean to the average blogger is that their ads will now be less effective. The good news is that this doesn’t affect you because Google has developed tools that will block any AdSense ads from displaying on your blog. These tools can easily be downloaded from their website. If you want to use them to solve your revenue problems then it’s worth your time to read about how they work. If they aren’t causing you problems and your blog is still bringing in the revenue you need to continue blogging.

 How Much Power Does Google Have?

As mentioned before Google is the number one Ad revenue generator for most blogs. This means that it is imperative that you know how important are ads for bloggers? If your readers aren’t happy with your ads then they won’t likely come back to read the next post. It may even be a risk of them deleting their account. It’s important that your readers like what you write because it makes them feel good about coming back. It also makes them feel more inclined to purchase products they may be interested in.