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If you’re planning on renting a property in Paisley while studying, you should consider using a letting agent. However, before choosing letting agents in Paisley, you should research each agent’s reputation before making a decision. Reading reviews and talking to other students can help you make a more informed decision. There are also websites which collect first-hand experiences of students with different agents.

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Letting Agents in Paisley for Students

With university costs rising and the highly competitive housing market, many students have to think outside the box when finding a place to live. Letting agents in Paisley are there for students when they need them. The right letting agent in Paisley can really be an ideal option for anyone who wants to secure affordable housing in an area close to their campus – but what exactly do these services involve?
Letting agents for students offer a low-stress way for tenants to find properties that best suit their needs. From budget to location, a letting agent will have all relevant information on hand and be able to match prospective tenants with suitable properties. These tips will help you find the right agent and secure affordable housing as a student.

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Gallus Lettings

For students, a letting agent can be a great choice when finding a place to live. These agents have houses for rent in a variety of areas that are popular with students. They can also provide rental property for professionals. So if you’re looking to rent a property in Paisley, do your research and contact an experienced letting agency like Gallus that can help you find it.

Student Letting agents in England

Fresh Student Living

Fresh Student Living is a student accommodation provider that offers a variety of room types, high-speed internet and communal spaces. Their properties are secure, with 24-hour CCTV and a management team that can help tenants with any problems. Fresh also offers a convenient online portal for tenants to manage their tenancies. There are also social events and games rooms on-site, with different lengths of residency to choose from.

Martin & Co

Martin & Co are letting agents for student accommodation and have recently redesigned their website to make it easier for students to find suitable housing. The new website features a dedicated section for student lettings and allows users to search by university or campus. Ian Wilson, managing director of the company, said: “Student lettings are a booming business, with nearly 1.5 million students in the UK needing private rented accommodation each year. However, we have heard complaints from landlords and students alike about the poor service that many companies provide.”

Sussex Student Lettings

If you want to rent a room during your studies, you can use the services of Sussex Student Lettings. These letting agents have on-campus offices at Falmer House and the University of Sussex Information Centre. They also have online listings for students to view. The website allows you to narrow your search based on price, location and type of property. The agency can also set up a viewing for you if you prefer.


Redbrick is a letting agent that has been in business for over 15 years. They specialise in student lettings and have won countless awards. In addition, they offer support and advice for students and tenants at every step of the letting process. Redbrick has an excellent reputation in the student housing sector and boasts hundreds of positive social media and search engine reviews.

DEU Estates

DEU Estates is one of the oldest student letting agents in Leeds. This Leeds-based company was established in 1970 and is still going strong today. The company specialises in helping students find accommodation that suits their lifestyle.


With over 35 years of experience, Springwell is a leading student letting agent in Leeds. The agency has a large selection of properties for students and works closely with landlords to ensure that their tenants’ needs are met. The agency also offers bill-included packages. As a member of Unipol, Springwell can provide students with peace of mind and reassurance that their rented property is up to safety standards.