Wall panels for bathrooms offer endless design possibilities to match any style. Easy to install and clean, wall panels also help lower heating bills by keeping temperatures stable in the bathroom.

There is an impressive variety of panels on the market today, from contemporary and sparkle finishes to those designed to mimic stone and wood textures. Some brands even provide designs that mimic tile for an authentic, classic bathroom aesthetic.

Public toilet with ceramic sink and mirror

They are easy to install.

Wall panels offer an elegant alternative to tiles and are easy to install. Both DIY homeowners and professional contractors alike can easily install wall panels to create their dream bathroom. Before beginning, though, it is crucial that all fixtures and fittings can fit behind the panels without blocking views. Furthermore, waterproofing your panels is absolutely necessary, especially for shower walls, which must remain durable and hygienic.

PVC wet wall systems from Kartel KVIT, Aquatech, or Frontline Bathrooms’ Essential range offer an easy way to waterproof panelling. Installation takes only minutes per wall surface—even over existing tiles! Make sure to follow the full installation guidelines supplied with each product for optimal results.

They are durable.

Wall panels have become an increasingly popular alternative to tile. Available in an assortment of designs and easy to maintain, wall panels offer many benefits over traditional tiles when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Plus, many are made from moisture-resistant materials, which makes them great for shower stalls or any area with direct contact with moisture, such as splashproof shower enclosures.

MDF panelling can make for an attractive option that mimics wood vertical panelling in its appearance and durability, taking paint well. Plus, its moisture resistance ensures no mould growth occurs! To give a rustic touch to any space, natural wood species could also be considered.

Bathroom wall panels come in many different finishes and styles. From simple designs that match the existing decor to more upscale options with marble effects or granite-esque patterns. There are even custom panels with photos or unique artwork built in.

They are easy to clean.

Wall panels are easy to keep looking new with minimal effort thanks to their non-abrasive surface and non-discolouring nature, so all it takes to maintain them is a soft, non-abrasive cloth and some soapy water. Vinegar can also work as an effective cleaning agent; just test its acidic content first before committing fully.

Panels can be installed on various surfaces, including plaster, tiles, and stud walls. They’re particularly useful for shower areas and tub alcoves, and they come in an assortment of styles to complement any bathroom design scheme. Some DIY kits even provide all the supplies necessary for easy installation!

If you want your wall panels to stay looking their best, use a soft cloth and soapy water once a week to wipe them down. However, avoid any harsh cleaners or bleach products, as these could potentially do further damage. Once completed, dry the wall panel using a microfiber towel in order to avoid smudges and streaks.

They are easy to maintain.

Bathroom wall panels make installing tile simpler by being easily attached directly over existing tiles or wall coverings, eliminating grout requirements, and making cleaning much simpler—in turn helping prevent mould and mildew growth! They’re easy to fit without grout requirements, making this project less time-consuming overall and keeping mould at bay too!

Bathroom wall panels also offer another great benefit in terms of heat retention. Traditional tiling can make a bathroom feel cold, leading to increased fuel bills during the winter. Panelling keeps in more heat and can save money by helping reduce heating costs.

Wall panels provide an alternative to tiles that is highly durable and simple to maintain without the risk of scratches and discoloration. Wipe them clean with a damp cloth or sponge as necessary, and they won’t succumb to mould or mildew buildup!

There are countless designs for bathroom wall panelling available today, from wainscoting and beadboard to tongue and groove and even custom designs that allow you to express yourself! There is something available that suits every taste and preference; wainscoting is one such example, while tongue and groove is another great way to personalise the bathroom space in which you live.