Saxophones are one of those instruments that most of us tend to associate with jazz bands or orchestras. But from my time spent in the music industry as well as in writing, I have seen first hand the steady rise of the Saxophone from being a more specialist and unique instrument to breaking into the mainstream and regularly being featured on new music tracks as well as being included in bands instrument setup.

Why Are Saxophones Being Favoured?

Saxophones are by no means an instrument to be overlooked by bands or artists within the mainstream music scene. What’s great about these unique instruments is the notes that they can hit as well as the background atmosphere that they can add to a variety of different kinds of tracks and songs. Furthermore, these instruments can now be purchased across a massive variety of platforms online, anywhere from instrument shops to large online retailers and private sellers. Saxophones can be bought affordably and there are plenty of different ways to learn how to play this instrument by following online tutorials or alternatively taking lessons.

These unique instruments have always had a sizeable presence across a variety of different musical genres. Perhaps one of the main reasons why they haven’t been as appreciated up to this point has been due to a lack of integration into mainstream music or bands.

How Are These Instruments Being Used?

There are plenty of different ways through which saxophones are being used within modern music. One of the main ways in which they are being incorporated into music is through sample recordings. Sample recordings are very popular amongst DJ’s and amateur music artists. Often extracts from Saxophone solos or tracks can be dropped or mixed into other songs in order to give them a unique sound to blend with the existing music.

Many artists are also choosing to get live Saxophone music to be played on or during the recording of their song. This can really help to add more depth and flow to the music that they are producing. I think from my own experience of working alongside these instruments that they have excellent amounts of potential and can be used within a wide variety of different kinds of settings. I hope that in the near future they will be seen more widely as an accessible and trendy instrument that can be played be people of all ages and abilities.

How Will They Be Used In Future?

Initially I would say it is hard to predict how these kinds of instruments will be used in future. But what is for certain is that they are being used in a much more wide range of musical settings. Its clear that there has been a signifcant change in attitudes towards musical instruments and the way in which they are used across the industry. As well as saxophones we are also seeing other orchestra instruments being used in synth pop and other genres bringing together a range of unique sounds.